a tribe of worshippers


The story of our community is saturated in worship. We are excited to see God re-ignite passionate worship in our house. Prophetic voices are speaking… people are gathering… God is moving and we want to partner with Him. And so as part of our Heart for the House offering, we are casting afresh the vision for worship. We are dreaming of a tribe of worshippers.

We believe that God is resetting and restoring the foundation of worship in our lives. He is calling us back to our first love. We also sense that God is resetting and restoring the foundation of worship in this house.

There is another worship reformation on the horizon. There’s another wave of worshippers coming who build altars not platforms. Worship that has the attention of heaven. Worship obsessed with Jesus. Worship only for Jesus.

Our offering will enable us to begin adding support staff around Jeremy and Katie, and to resource live streaming and capturing for future recordings.

a house of prayer


“My house shall be a house of prayer for all nations.”

A house of prayer is both a cry and a call to open wide our hearts for our region and the nations. It’s a sacred place where believers near and far can come be filled with joy and join in worship and prayer as one body.

Our dream is to fill and saturate our church and county with prayer. We know the value of prayer cannot simply exist on a written mission statement; there must be an immediate, visible, tangible witness of its importance.

This offering will enable us to begin creating and staffing a Prayer Center in the heart of our building for the sake of the city.

a rising generation


“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

We are here to raise up sons and daughters, who know their identity and step into their destiny.

We are here to reach and raise up a generation that engages with God’s purposes and releases God’s generous hope on the earth. We long that the next generation would rise up and be the generation that rewrites the story in our region and in our nation.

This offering will enable us to set direction, provide investment and allow our ceiling to become a rising generation’s floor. These are our kids – they are our future – this is our time! It’s our time to lay it all down so that they can rise up!

giving generously

As you begin to think about your offering, it is important to make the decision prayerfully. Your financial commitment should be the result of a meaningful, spiritual journey.

At the end of this journey we don’t simply want to have raised a certain amount of money, we want each family and individual to experience the thrill of hearing from God, to have their vision expanded, and to find a fresh experience of God’s provision for them.

Many before us have invested in the history of this house. This is our opportunity to invest in it’s destiny!

3 Ways to Give

1. In Person (Cash/Check to Vineyard Anaheim, Note: House)

2. Online – see below

3. Text to 84321 “$(Amount) House”

Will You Join Our Heart For This House?