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The story of Vineyard Anaheim has always been one of joining with the story of God, following where He leads and pursuing His presence. We are a community with a rich history in renewal and with a destiny to bring life to the city. Listen to our Sunday sermons here.

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Me and My Big Mouth | Part 2

Today Alan helps us understand how we can own our mouths, guard our lives with our words, and unlock environments around us with what we speak.

Me and My Big Mouth

Join us as Alan explores the truth that our words carry far more weight than we ever realized – that what comes from our lips, lands in our lives.

Mother’s Day 2019

Mike Pilavachi joins us on our anniversary to share stories of our God who anoints ordinary, available people to bring His love to a broken world.

All Rise | Part 3 | Uprising in Prayer

This week Alan continues our All Rise series, looking at our future as a house of urgent and sustained prayer, longing for what's in God's heart to be reflected in His house.

All Rise | Part 2 | Rising Generation

Join us this week as Alan looks at God's design for bringing life to generation after generation – that God is looking for more than a good run for a few years, He's looking beyond moments into movements that raise up sons and daughters.

All Rise | Part 1

Join us as Alan unpacks the breathtaking resurrection life that Jesus invites us into. Because Jesus is the resurrection and the life, and because He has gone before us, everywhere we go with Him and in Him, all things rise.

Blueprints | All Things Are Yours

Join us as Alan shares from the fullness of life in the Ten Commandments, looking today at the commandments around honor with our words and possessions. When you know the Father says that all things are yours, you live a radically generous life.

Blueprints | Celebrating Others’ Favor

Kathryn continues our series on the fullness of life in the Ten Commandments, looking at what becomes available as we rejoice in the blessing and favor God pours out on others.

Blueprints | Honor

Alan walks us through the stunning truth at the heart of this week's commandment: that honor is intended for more than just creating order in the home, it's intended to grow in our hearts for every relationship, and out into our city, our region, our nation.

Blueprints | Sabbath

Join us as John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Portland walks us through what it means to really rest, delight, stop, and worship on the Sabbath.