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The story of Vineyard Anaheim has always been one of joining with the story of God, following where He leads and pursuing His presence. We are a community with a rich history in renewal and with a destiny to bring life to the city. Listen to our Sunday sermons here.

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Blueprints | Honor

Alan walks us through the stunning truth at the heart of this week's commandment: that honor is intended for more than just creating order in the home, it's intended to grow in our hearts for every relationship, and out into our city, our region, our nation.

Blueprints | Sabbath

Join us as John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Portland walks us through what it means to really rest, delight, stop, and worship on the Sabbath.

Blueprints | The Name of the Lord

Join us as Alan explores God's invitation into the fullness of life in the Ten Commandments, looking at how we walk in freedom and reflect His Name to the watching world around us.

Blueprints: Part 2

Liberation for sons and daughters. Moving out of slavery to sonship. Into the freedom and wholeness that God has for us. I’m going to talk again on Blueprints or the Ten Commandments. There is often a sense of guilt and a sense of get ready for realizing all the...


The way you think society, church should operate or the way you think the Spirit should move is based in part on the generation in which you were born. Each generation has its own prejudices and preferences. It also has its own anointing and assignment. Your young men...

Vision Sunday

God has graced our community in immeasurable ways over the past year. And we stepped into the story of God for the sake of the city. These are some of the things we are seeing, some of the things we think the Lord has spoken prophetically and collegiately, and some...

Talk on Disappointment

When life doesn’t turn out as you thought or as you hoped. When God doesn’t do what you thought He would. All of us experience disappointment on our journey. Which is why it’s vital we learn how to handle our hearts in the midst of disappointment.

Podcast: The Power of the Kingdom

We’ve been talking about vision. And the vision is Jesus. His beauty, His majesty. We have been in this series on learning to partner with Jesus. This morning we are going to talk about partnering with His power.

Podcast: Authority for the City

Awakening partners and dreamers. Releasing ministers. The only thing sweeter than gathering together in His presence is carrying his presence to others. Partnering with God in bringing life to the earth.