Dear Vineyard Anaheim family and friends,

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Alan & Kathryn Scott as the new Senior Pastors of Vineyard Anaheim. Alan & Kathryn recently relocated to Yorba Linda from Northern Ireland, where they spent the last 18 years planting and leading the Causeway Coast Vineyard Church.

In accordance with our bylaws the Vineyard Anaheim Search Committee have spent considerable time in prayer and have sought the Lord’s wisdom, timing and direction for this appointment.

After careful prayer and consideration we unanimously sensed God confirming in a variety of ways, that Alan & Kathryn Scott are leaders whom He has called to direct and develop Vineyard Anaheim in the years ahead. Alan & Kathryn’s experience and vision for building the local church and bringing life to the city is outstanding. We are excited to partner together with them in seeing God’s kingdom come in our church, our community and beyond.

Alan & Kathryn said,

“We are honored and humbled to step into the expansive story of Vineyard Anaheim. We are so grateful to Lance & Cheryl for their leadership in this community and their friendship towards our family.

We are thrilled that they now have even more opportunity to share their wisdom with the wider Church. Their blessing in key moments has brought such life to us.

We hope to build on their legacy and the rich history of the Vineyard Anaheim community, as we set about the task of equipping and releasing the Church to bring life to the region.”

Lance and Cheryl said,

“We have been privileged to lead this community for twenty years and are excited to see what God brings over the next years. John Wimber used to say that ‘the economy of God’s kingdom is quite simple: every new step in the kingdom will cost us everything we have gained to date.  We are spare change in God’s pocket, ready to be spent however he wants’. This has always been our journey with Jesus, ready to follow His leading. While we don’t have certainty or even great clarity around our next steps, we intend to remain part of the community here at Vineyard Anaheim and contribute to the blessing, training and formation of the wider church.

We have known Alan and Kathryn for seventeen years and spent considerable time with their family over the years. In 2001 we ministered in their Church, Causeway Coast Vineyard …and of course invited them to speak and lead at Vineyard Anaheim on several occasions. They are excellent leaders with a proven track record of leading a flourishing Church that impacts the wider region. We will serve them and their vision in whatever way helps them and are excited to see how their ministry and the Vineyard Anaheim family grows in the next season. We wholeheartedly commend them to you!

Alan and Kathryn will begin working with the staff team on February 1st and will begin leading services from February 4th 2018. Details regarding a celebration service for Lance and Cheryl will be released soon. In the meantime, thank you so much for all you have invested in Vineyard Anaheim throughout the years.

For the King and His Kingdom,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Vineyard Anaheim

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Alan & Kathryn Scott?

Alan grew up in Glasgow, Scotland while Kathryn was raised in Northern Ireland. Alan and Kathryn Scott met while studying theology and each other at Bible College. They have been married for 21 years and have two daughters. Sophie is 16 and Emily is 13.

They have spent the last 18 years planting and leading the Causeway Coast Vineyard Church in Northern Ireland, where they had the joy of not only leading the church but bringing life to the city.

When will the new pastors start?

Alan and Kathryn will begin working with the staff team on February 1st and will begin leading services from February 4th 2018.

How can we be sure we have found the right pastors?

The Search Committee have prayerfully conducted the process, in consultation with experienced leaders and leaning into the voice of the Holy Spirit. While we can never be 100% certain in the life of faith, the unanimous decision of the committee, the sense of God speaking through scripture, each other, dreams and prophecies all led us towards appointing Alan & Kathryn at this time.

What about the other internal candidates?

We were so grateful to have had two outstanding internal candidates apply to lead us into the future. Both love this church and want God’s best for our future, and have valued God’s leading.  There will be continued prayer and conversation in the future as we discern together exactly God’s good future for them. Alan & Kathryn love to work with a strong healthy leadership staff and would value and benefit from the wisdom and depth of Mike and Jamie.

Will there be huge changes in the transition?

Transitions are both painful and fruitful…something is lost as well as gained. The change in senior leadership undoubtedly impacts our church. None of us do this lightly, neither do we do it at our own initiative. The simple reality is that we believe God has led us towards this moment together. Often the process of transition can be a gateway to transformation. This does not lessen the emotional and relational impact, but when handled with honor it repositions us all for everything God has for us.

What will happen to Lance and Cheryl Pittluck?

Lance and Cheryl are modeling what they have always taught, namely following the leading of the Holy Spirit. While they don’t have certainty, or even great clarity around their next steps, they intend to remain part of the community here at Vineyard Anaheim and contribute to the blessing, training and formation of the wider church.

What kind of leadership can we expect?

Alan & Kathryn have a history leading within a Vineyard context, so their leadership style is formed by a dependence upon the Holy Spirit. They will seek to live in His presence and lead from His presence. Their Vineyard roots mean that they highly value scripture, supernatural ministry, social justice and salvation of lost individuals and institutions. In alignment with Kingdom values for leadership, they will seek to lead humbly,  generously, and directly with honesty and transparency. They will seek to lead in a way that releases the destiny of others and moves Vineyard Anaheim to not only survive cultural changes but to transform surrounding culture. Always careful to follow the direction the Sovereign Redeemer is moving.

What should we do?

Continue to seek first the kingdom and release the kingdom to others. Our story and journey is rich with moments of kingdom intervention. We have a great history and a God-filled destiny. Our destiny is only accessible/possible as everyone embraces and engages the kingdom everywhere everyday. We want you to play your part, and press in for all that God has for your family and our community.

Where can we find out more about Alan & Kathryn?

You can find out more about them on their websites and  or on twitter @Alan_Scott and @kathrynscott or Instagram mrskathrynscott and alan_scott71