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Ministries are the ways we help people connect, grow, serve, and lead. They are also designed to meet the needs of people in our church, our communities, and our world. God has given us grace to be a blessing to others, and we share that blessing with everyone who wants to be a part of it.


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What you and your child can expect from us:

Safe: A physically and emotionally safe environment

Love: We desire for your child to feel loved by God and by their teachers and leaders

Bible: We believe you are never too small to begin learning important Bible truths and knowing the Word of God

Vineyard Values: Worship, community, compassion – these are our values here at the Vineyard Anaheim and we desire to pass on the heart of our church to the next generation.

Fun: We have fun and we want your child to want to come back again and again! We believe having fun at church draws your child into more relationship with Jesus and the routine of attending church, so that when they get older they have formed healthy habits.

In Kingdom Kidz your child will experience all the elements of the main service with age-appropriate teachings, worship, prayer, and ministry models.

Family Life on Wednesdays

GLOW and GROW are our Wednesday evening programs for nursery-5th grade that run concurrent with the FLOW (Family Life on Wednesdays) groups that meet in the church building. These programs are from 6:30-8:00pm.

GLOW // Wednesday Children’s Groups (Nursery-Kindergarten)

GLOW (God’s Little Ones on Wednesdays) is for 2 year olds – kindergarteners. This year the series is titled “ABCs of the Kingdom.” Each week the children will learn about a different person from the Bible as we work our way through the alphabet. We will learn about the person’s character, the choices they had to make, and their relationship with God. The children will learn this through watching short videos of the Bible characters talking about their life and experiences (look out for cameo appearances by the pastoral staff!) The lesson will also be reinforced through activities, crafts, snack, and a memory verse.

GROW // Wednesday Children’s Groups (1st-5th Grade)

GROW (God Rocks on Wednesdays) is a unique program that is designed to nurture the many gifts God has placed in the children of our church community. We have back-to-back 8 week sessions throughout the year that rotate classes so that kids can be introduced to a variety of skills and talents. Our classes include everything from art to skateboarding, soccer to cooking, self defense to guitar, and gymnastics to drama.

A typical night of GROW includes worship, a short teaching, their break out classes, and a short prayer and ministry time. We have tons of fun each week so come GROW with us!

Parent Info

If you have questions or would like to know more please contact Pastor Laura DePaola at ext. 261.

We consider it a privilege to partner with you in establishing a biblical and spiritual foundation in the lives of your children. While in this ministry, your child will experience all of the elements of the main service with age-appropriate teachings, worship, prayer, and ministry models. Our classrooms will be available to serve you during each regularly scheduled service.


Classrooms open 15 minutes before each service. We want to assure you that your child will be in a clean, safe, and loving environment. Our staff is trained to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of your child. Please look through the links provided on this page. We hope they will be helpful to you as a parent. We are here to teach and love on your children during Sunday and Wednesday services but we recognize that you, as the parents, are the primary spiritual leaders and influencers of your children. Our goal is to come along side and support you in raising godly children. If you have any further questions or concerns, please give me a call or email.

Special Helps:

For your convenience we also have a Nursing Mother’s Room and a Family Room where you can watch and listen to the service.

Safety and Security:

Your child’s safety and security are of the utmost priority. To help give you peace of mind, here are a few things we want you to know. All volunteers are screened and fingerprinted. Volunteers are never alone with children. On Sunday mornings we use a check-in program that ensures that you, or an authorized person, are the only ones able to pick up your child.

God’s Love:

In all of our programs we desire to pass on the love of God in practical, tangible ways. We also want your children to have fun. Our goal is for them to leave each week having felt the love of God through the hands, hugs, and words of their wonderful leaders and teachers.

Check-In/Check-Out Policy

On Sunday mornings we use a check-in program that ensures that you, or an authorized person, are the only ones able to pick up your child. You will receive a nametag for your child as well as a pick-up slip with security numbers that match the numbers on your child’s nametag. The teachers are trained not to release a child unless they see the slip with the matching numbers. We also have door monitors checking the slips as people enter the Children’s Ministry hallway during pick-up.

Crying Policy

We want coming to church to be a positive experience for children, but we know that it can sometimes be difficult for a child to leave their parents and come to class. Our workers will do everything they can to comfort your child and ease their fears. However, if a child cries for longer than 10 minutes without showing signs of calming down, we will come and notify you. If you are uncomfortable with your child crying for that long, please let your child’s teacher know how long you are comfortable with them crying before we come and get you.
Bathroom Policy It is extremely helpful if you take your child to the bathroom before coming to class. This allows more time for chapel, teaching, playing, and learning. If your child needs to use the bathroom during class time, there are female leaders who will take them to the bathroom in groups of two or more.


If your child is still in diapers please change them before coming to class. However, there are still some times when a child needs to be changed, so please bring an additional diaper – just in case! We have some diapers on hand, but we cannot guarantee that we will have the right size as they are just a small emergency supply. If your child needs to be changed, they will be changed by a woman with another teacher or leader present.

Wellness Policy

Make sure your child is well before coming to your Children’s Ministry classroom. We cannot accept children who show signs of illness, such as a runny nose, cough, fever, contagious rashes, or other illnesses. If a child arrives sick or becomes sick during the service, we will ask the parent to take him/her out of the classroom.

Moving up

Children ages newborn through 5 years old move up to their next class any time after their birthday. Before moving up we recommend showing your child his/her new room the week before and talking about this exciting new learning level prior to coming to church. We leave it up to you as the parent to decide when it is best for your child to move to the next classroom, so please let the check-in team know when you are moving. *we may get involved if class sizes become too large or if our experience tells us that your child would do better in the next class.
Elementary age students from 1st-5th grade move up on Graduation Sunday in July.



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Businesses help to shape the city and we want to invest time and training into Entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Work environments

Compassion in Action

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Vineyard Anaheim and Compassion

In his book, The Way In Is The Way On;, John Wimber (founder of the Vineyard Movement) states that our responsibility to the poor was etched into our spirits right from the beginning as the Lord made it a personal issue with us in the Vineyard. The Vineyard began feeding and clothing those in need in the late 1980’s. What started out with a couple emptying out their own cupboard and closets for those in a park nearby has evolved and changed over the years to what we do now. We offer a number of programs to serve and help people that are going through difficult times. For example we process, on average, over 150,000 lbs. of food monthly, pack the equivalent of over 10,000 bags of groceries monthly as well as 9000 bags of beans and rice. We are the largest Food Distribution Agency for Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

Connection Café

Every Sunday we serve a bagged lunch and distribute groceries to those in need. We have live worship music and a short Bible message, followed by an opportunity for prayer. Want to serve at the Connection Café?

Meets every Sunday at the Connection Café in the Warehouse from 11:45am to 1:30pm. Please fill out an interest form.

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry gives free food to individuals during their time of need. This outreach provides all kinds of fresh produce, meat, dairy items, canned goods, bakery items and much more!

Where: At the Warehouse! The Warehouse is located one building west of the Church behind Fairmont Private School. You will see a building marked Warehouse in the back parking lot. Want to serve at the Food Pantry?

Opportunities available any Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 11:30am. Please fill out an interest form.

Compassion Connection Center

At the Compassion Connection center in The Warehouse, we provide food and clothing assistance to those families and individuals who are in need of such. Prayer is also available for any willing to receive it.

When: We are open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Want to serve at the Compassion Connection Center?

Opportunities available any Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30am to 11:30. Please fill out an interest form.

Homeless Ministry

Every Wednesday a group meets at the Vineyard CIA facility in Anaheim to assemble packages of food and clothes to take to the homeless in Orange County. Around 7:00pm the group goes out on a routine journey to locations that comprise six stops, visiting a total of 50 to 60 homeless people living on the streets of Anaheim, Buena Park, and Fullerton. Along with food and clothes, each week the ministry delivers a biblical message to the homeless. We’ve taken the time to get to know the people that we visit with each week. This tends to establish credibility and helps to pave the way to Christ and a path off of the streets if they so desire. Along with food, clothes and hygiene items the ministry carries a list of facilities and shelters available for every homeless circumstance. This includes places that help with drug and alcohol dependency as well as ones that help those that have simply undergone financial difficulties from job loss or bankruptcy.

Every Wednesday at 6:00pm (excluding certain holidays). Please fill out an interest form.

Fullerton Outreach

Lunches are prepared at the warehouse in the morning from approximately 9am to 11am. The lunches are picked up that evening and loaded into our van for transport to the First Christian Church in Fullerton (Wilshire & Harbor). This church hosts a dinner and we hand out a bagged lunch to those who come to take with them for the next day. As always, prayer is available for any who are willing to receive it.

On the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, from 5:00 – 7:00pm. Please fill out an interest form.

Pizza and Packing

At Pizza & Packing volunteers come to the warehouse at 9:30am to pack and/or sort groceries that are used for distribution at various outreaches. At 11:30 they take a break for Pizza and drinks.

Opportunities available the Second Saturday of every month from 9:30am to noon. Please fill out the interest form.

Motel Ministry Mobile Food Pantry

We visit 2 local Motels and we distribute groceries to both locations.The team meets at the Warehouse around 8:30am, load our Compassion Ministry vehicles and drive to the motels. Groceries are distributed between 9:30 and 11:45 am.

Want to serve at the Motel Food Pantry? Opportunities available the fourth Saturday of the month from 8:30am to noon. Please fill out an interest form.

Join the Compassion Team

If you are interested in joining the Compassion Team at Vineyard Anaheim, please fill in this form and one of our team will be in touch.

We’d love to hear from you

For any questions, please write us at or call us on (714) 777-4777

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