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Blueprints: Part 3

St Patrick was a man who moved with God, who ministered in the miraculous and who changed the face of a nation. He lived to represent the nature and character of God on earth and to demonstrate his power in remarkable and exceptional ways. And what’s beautiful is that...

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Blueprints: Part 2

Liberation for sons and daughters. Moving out of slavery to sonship. Into the freedom and wholeness that God has for us. I’m going to talk again on Blueprints or the Ten Commandments. There is often a sense of guilt and a sense of get ready for realizing all the...

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The way you think society, church should operate or the way you think the Spirit should move is based in part on the generation in which you were born. Each generation has its own prejudices and preferences. It also has its own anointing and assignment. Your young men...

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